About Me

I am a wedding, events and model photographer from Canterbury, Kent. I am also a lecturer in political philosophy.

Photographs dramatise the visual cross-section of an event: each event is both the result of change and the start of further change. Photography counter-actualises both the photographer and the viewer as a significant part of it, creating a second perceptive event which is often as important as the event we think we’re looking at. I am particularly interested in intense contrast – within the image’s aesthetic, the setting within which an image is placed and within which it is viewed. Strong contrast in a photo highlights the intensity of affective change taking place, a visible moment that highlights the connection of the event’s components, and I find this very powerful.

This website is a document and journal of some of my photography and the development it takes. I use it to show what I am currently working on and to share the photos that I like – not that are necessarily ‘good’ photos (I have always found it strange when people ridicule ‘badly taken’ photos which become popular for their aesthetic)! I hope you like what I have to show.

Mobile: 07815 088409

Email: chris@thehenrys.eu


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Chris,
    Was given your name by a friend of yours who recommended you as a photographer who might be happy to do some photos for my website. Please get in touch via email and we can discuss.

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