It was a terrible weather the last time I went to London, but it turned out to be fantastic weather for some bleak photography.

I’m experimenting with different styles of development to suit different scenes; as I was walking around Fleet Street I decided that a high contrast film look would be interesting.

Recently I’ve seen a lot of people experimenting with fake blur and huge bokeh effects. Whilst they can be interesting, I can’t help but feeling that it’s too obviously fake. I think that this photo works like this – interesting, but a little contrived.

Then there was a duck.

3 thoughts on “London

  1. Beautiful capture! The randomness of this duck couple strolling down a street is a lovely addition to your great work. Plus she looks like she is posing , just like one of your models! To catch her at that moment , so crisp, with the light and the colors like you did, I just happen to love photos like this. Kudos. “accidental art”.

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